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Like PUMA, Davido is no stranger to the game. His impact is global. As a singer, songwriter and record producer, his music is the perfect blend of his African roots and international pop. This PUMA x Davido collection is therefore a reflection of the Nigerian artist and the German brand: a combination of traditional styles, inspired by the past, with modern details. The artist's creativity, hard work and unique style have made him increasingly popular. Risk-taking is in Davido's DNA, and PUMA naturally wants to work with such designers to offer products that you won't see anywhere else. So you won't be surprised to see that the designs of these pieces are unique and will make a strong impression both on the street and at parties. Without ever compromising on comfort.
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8 Products
PUMA x DAVIDO T7 Jacket Men 4065453994982 78400.0
PUMA x DAVIDO T7 Pants Men 4065453995149 39200.0
CFA 39,200
CFA 68,600
PUMA x DAVIDO Tee Men 4065453973635 34300.0
PUMA x DAVIDO Reversible Bucket Hat 4065453863004 34300.0
PUMA x DAVIDO Graphic Tee Men 4065453973475 29400.0
PUMA x DAVIDO Logo Tee Men 4065453973550 29400.0
PUMA x DAVIDO Shorts Men 4065453995064 49000.0
PUMA x DAVIDO Cap 4065453863011 29400.0
CFA 29,400